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I believe in sharing. My educational philosophy is simple : sharing. As the Lecturer and later Course Manager of Diploma in Interior Architecture & Design to today’s Manager of Design Integrated Studies and also Course Manager of Diploma in Product Design for Temasek Design School, I believe that an educator’s job is not imparting of knowledge, but rather sharing of thoughts and experiences. I also believe in guiding and facilitation. I believe that one can only be taught the skills on drawing, the rest of the realisations come from the learners themselves. The lecturer’s responsibility, therefore, is to help to bring out the best of learners and guide the students to the path where they would discover their potential. 

My journey of art started when I received my private art education from Mr Liu Kang, the pioneer artist in Singapore at the age of ten. Today, my journey still continues.

The selected works in my website www.tia.8k.com depicted my journey through various media in the 1970’s, 1980’s to 1990’s. Graduated with an honours degree from the School of Architecture, University of Singapore, I continued to explore and experiment with architectural design and drawings.

I started with watercolour in the 70’s, ventured into portraiture painting in the 80’s, and eventually architectural perspective renderings and sketches in the 90’s. With a strong foundation in pure fine art, I tried to integrate art into my architectural design especially when I worked in both the public and private sectors as a practising architect. Eventually, I will like to do something else. I will not stop at sketches nor watercolour. There are many dynamic ways for expressions and they are also changing rapidly. So life goes on. And so does my journey.

My inspirations come from everywhere. As a pure Science student while I was in the only prestigous Junior College then, I had a passion in Mathematics. Mathematics and Architecture are inter-related. Just like Art and Design. I am always fascinated by Physics. How the protons emit energy…things like that intrigue me. As a mother of three children, they are my inspirations too. I give them the environment and the freedom to express their talents. I draw together with them, just like how I would draw with my students. I allow my children to doodle on the wall and while watching them grow and guiding them to maximise their talents, I am constantly inspired.

Indeed, I am not only inspired, I am also trying to show a good example for people around me. As a mother, a wife, an artist, an architect, a lecturer, a manager, and many other roles, I constantly remind myself to balance my life. Most importantly after all these years, after my long journey, I still hold on to the passion of my life. My dream is to have a studio of my own, and to do whatever I like to do, in art, design and architecture.

The journey continues……from architecture to interior design to teaching art and now clay…..


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10 10 2008

I also think that as an educator, it is very important to help the student discover that they can teach themselves. Being your own teacher is a very important skill. Only through learning to understand yourself, can you learn to interpret the mystery around you.

10 10 2008

Well said. motivation, curiousity, resourcefulness and risk taking are all the qualities being your own teacher.

3 05 2009


I love the work in your studio – thats the kind of sculpture classes I am looking for…

Are you offering any classes?

Looking forward hearing from you,

25 05 2009

Hi Tia,

I came across your website while searching for a place to pick up pottery. i came from an architecture background and had in recent years been drawn by the beauty of ceramics. could you recommend me a place where i could pick up pottery?

thank you.


4 02 2014
liana peck


I would like to make some wedding favours and was wondering if you do such things. Because you dont have a contact number, are you able to drop me an email at liana.peck@sswc.com.sg to follow up? We are looking for between 500 to 1000 pieces on 25th May 2014.

Liana Peck
8222 7033

1 02 2018
Rasha El-Hag

Hi Tia,

I have been trying to get hold of you for potential sketch work. I am contacting you from Emaar Properties in Dubai. Can’t seem to find an email for you.

Kindly get in touch with me on relhag@emaar.ae

Look forward to hearing from you soon.


Rasha El-Hag

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