all proceeds go to charity

15 12 2008


CIMG4926 14Dec2008_CIMG4859

Look at our final display made of fired-bricks and painted slips all available on the spot! It blends with the dragon kiln with a modern touch. I like the playful arrangement of the fired-bricks at various heights, textures and patterns.

Everything on display must go so we have space to do more wood firing! We want to make wood firing a sustainable activity in Singapore!

We also want to make wood-fired clay pieces affortable to people so they can own a piece of local art work from the Dragon Kiln. S$18 for a small hand made multi purpose bowl is definitely a very good deal! the bigger pieces are going at only S$28, S$38, S$68 and S$98, most of them below S$100. All proceeds will go to charity.

I personally am very proud of the creative display idea which only took us 10 mins to decide after our last Sunday breakfast but took us 2 days to build with our bare hands.

Oh yes, my three white bowls in my earlier post with the shell wadding markings were sold as a set on the first day.

CIMG4942 my work




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