first wood firing artist group

20 11 2008


Thow Kwang Dragon Kiln gives us an opportunity to form the first wood firing artist group in Singapore. The first wood firing was conducted on 22 Sep 2001 when I was still in New York City. I was told the first revival in 2001 was a disaster when part of the structure collapsed. The second trial, I was told, most the big pieces were ruined and smaller pieces under-fired. The third one; also the one I was taking part in Nov 2003, was a great success!.

Despite a few minor and a big major renovation works at Thow Kwang from 2005 to 2007, the desire to conduct another wood firing session grew stronger and stonger so the group decided to conduct the recent one on 14 Nov 2008. This time, most of us used minimal number of glazes as we wanted to let the ashes, flame and salting or chemical leave their marks on the clay bodies.

Before we unpack the pieces from the dragon kiln on coming Sunday, I believe the effects from the woodfiring will be quite intense simply because this is the first time we are trying to fire for 3 days 2 nights instead of the usual duration of 24 hours. The firing cycle is an important process in creating pottery or sculpture and obviously 60 hours of firing will yield very different result. As artists and potters who use wood firing kiln, the group is dedicated to understanding this classic and ancient technique so it is important to continue to experiment the wood firing techiques with an investigative and explorative attitude.

The result of woodfiring should be stunning, and giving our work with unique qualities and characters. Or, the result may be a disappointment when work is ruined. Whatever the outcome is, we know we will not stop here but to continue to conduct wood firing sessions in order to achieve better results in the future.




2 responses

22 11 2008

Nice post. Yes! Can’t wait to see the pots and sculpture pieces tomorrow. More surprises in store for us 🙂

22 11 2008
K Loong

Such an exciting thing to do! I wish I am in Singapore now to take part…

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