stokeholes fring

16 11 2008

I just returned from the stokeholes firing. We finished the firing for the last stokehole at 3.30pm.

I was informed the temperature was raised to around 1150degreeC after 6.30am this morning when Mr Tan, big boss of Thow Kwang, came to feed the dragon. Before that, Tuan Yong, Elfie, Todd and Mrs Tan were working tirelessly through the night.

I had a relatively easier and fun task of doing the stokeholes firing and salting. Here are some views seen through different stokeholes. A more detailed account will be released later at our group website thow kwang clay artists

16Nov2008_stokehole1 16Nov2008_stokehole3
16Nov2008_stokehole2 16Nov2008_stokehole4




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