it was hotter hotter hotter!

16 11 2008

Yesterday, when I arrived at about 10am, the temperature was around 500degreeC. We quickly got down to work so I had not taken any picture in the day.

However I took these pictures last night at the BBQ. Most of us who were not on duty left at 11pm. The temperature was around 750degreeC when we left. Tuan Yong, Todd and Elfie were on overnight duty to bring the temperature up for stoke hole firing and salting today. I will be going down later at around 2pm and will probably work till midnight!

Now the fire box is so full of burning embers that the “dragon throat” is no where to be seen! The dogs proven again that they are still man’s best friend.
15Nov2008_firebox 15Nov2008_dog
15Nov2008_yang 15Nov2008_watching
Todd and Elfie discussed how to bring up the temperature




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