it was hot hot hot!

15 11 2008

When Carol and I arrived at Thow Kwang on Friday about 2pm in the afternoon, the temperature was 155degreeC. We both left at 2am when the temperature was around 360degreeC. Todd and Elfie, the two young men were so confident that they would raise the temperature to 850degreeC in the morning for Siew Kuan, Carol and I to take over. Alas, that was not to be, when we arrived this morning at around 9am, Siew Kuan and Mrs Tan were already there for the morning shift. The temperature was around 500degreeC and it fluctuated around 520 when I left at 12.45pm.

To me, the temperature chart indicates a healthy progress. We can plan so much and do so much but we still have to kiss the original schedule good bye. Our original schedule was to raise the temperature to 850degreeC at 2am. Nevertheless, we are confident that everything will be fine on Sunday morning for us to do the stoke holes firing. I personally feel very proud that Mrs Tan went ahead to get someone to fabricate the handling tools we need for the salting process on Sunday. I will put up the pictures of the new acquired tools later.

The first picture shows the opening from the fire box to the dragon body through the “dragon throat” signified by two stacks of flower pots. The second picture shows the activity at the fire box or “dragon head”. You can see Romeo, the handsome dog in the third picture.
15Nov2008_dragon throat 14Nov2008_firing 15Nov2008_Romeo




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