clay figuring – ready for bisque firing

30 10 2008

I decided to send my figuring for wood firing scheduled on 14 Nov 2008. Prior to that, I need to bisque or biscuit fire the piece which is quite dry now. The word “cuit” is French for baked, so “biscuit” literally means twice fired; once before the glaze is applied and then again fired to 1280C. In this case, I have also decided not to glaze the figuring so I will send it directly to the dragon kiln for wood firing after bisque firing.

The purpose of bisque firing is to give the greenware considerably more strength.  The process also allows the joining parts to be more stable so I can handle the figuring more readily without fear of breaking any parts such the eyes, eyebrows, nose and the hair!

From the left, these are the completed work by Tuan Yong, Wong and TIA (that’s me) ready for bisque firing. Each figuring has it own character and we really do not bother how it resembles the model who was only with us for 4 sessions out of 8 sessions.





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