sagger fired clay pieces

27 10 2008

It is getting very exciting now….

Two bags of saw dusts collected earlier from the carpentry workshop were missing from the yard so we used straws for our sagger clay pieces. Sagger fired pieces are placed in flower pots or containers surrounded by combustibles materials such as saw dusts or straws. As the sagger and pots are heated, the straws in the sagger smoke and fume the surface of the clay pieces. We also added chemical such as copper carbonate hoping for some special effects on the clay body.

A sagger is a container made from refractory clay in which a pot is placed inside the container before it is fired. In ancient practice, saggers were used to protect greenware from the ash-filled kiln environment but interestingly nowadays, a pot is placed within sagger that are filled with combustibles and chemicals or oxides in order to achieve surface effects.





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