3 weeks to go….

27 10 2008

Oh dear, I have been absent from updating this website for a few weeks and I can only have sporadic updates from now till the day we re-activate the dragon kiln. Tentatively, we schedule the wood firing session on Saturday, 16 Nov 2008. We have not decided whether to fire it for a day or for a few days. Also, all of us have a lot more to do from now till then.

Today, we spent some time gathering our thoughts and progress, and finally we agreed on a date to conduct the wood firing at the dragon kiln. Tuan Yong and Ah Weng started building the shelves and packing in the kiln. They were totally drenched when they emerged from the dragon kiln. The rest of us were busy glazing the pieces with interesting glazes such as blue, orange crackles, lust copper, mixed glaze and ash glaze from Teochew factory in China. I also tried some dark purple reactive slip and iron oxide as underglaze.  This reminds me I need to do the glazing record for my pieces.

Tuan Yong, Carol and I will go back to Thow Kwang  tomorrow to continue and work since it is a public holiday. Siew Kuan has also expressed her intention to work tomorrow. Hua Hoong will not join us as she is so exhausted from glazing today using the low-tech, old-fashioned hand pump. The hand pump reminded me of the good old days when I used it either to kill cockroaches or to spray my charcoal drawings with self-made liquid resin as fixative.  

hand pump

Tomorrow, we will take our early breakfast near Bras Basah Complex before picking up two spray guns and may be a compressor from Art Friends. Otherwise, we will buy the canisters or propellers instead of the heavy duty compressor. An image of the small canister spray gun is shown here on the right. On the left, it is the final outcome of our collaboration on the tall sculpture, it is totally unplanned, unpredictable, intuitive and spontaneous.

26Oct08_evolving spraygun




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