clay figure hollowing

10 10 2008

It was really fun today. I managed to complete the hollowing process for my clay figure. I also managed to trim the nose which was too long and it was worth the risk. The nose is now in correct proportion as you compare these two photos before and after. Notice the nose is now shortened.

9Oct08_before hollowing  9Oct08_hollowing_final

The first step was to slice the clay figure into half and remove the newspaper and the metal stand. I chose to slice it from the nose with an intention to shorten the nose to the correct proportion. Otherwise, I could have cut the figure along the forehead or hairline to reduce the risk of altering the proportions of the important features on the head. The second step was what we called “hollowing” that involved removing the excessive clay from the figure with the clay thickness at about 1/2 to 3/4 inch.

9Oct08_hollowing1 9Oct08_hollowing2

Well, this already looked like a piece of contemporary art. Next I continued to trim off 1/4 inch rim from the lower half of the head. It was considered a very brave move but I was quite confident.

9Oct08_we all love this 9Oct08_hollowing4_dare to trim

Hollowing off the clay was quite a fun and therapeutic process as seen in the picture on the left. Joining it back with clay slips was effortless and easy although it did appear to be complicated by looking at the picture on the right.

9Oct08_hollowing3 9Oct08_hollowing5

lesson learnt : take risk, know yourself, know the clay, enjoy what you do…..




2 responses

10 10 2008

I want to join you guys when i come back !! so fun. The Clay portrait looks like one of the ADM girls, i think her name is Carman.

10 10 2008

Sure. Keep in touch, she is a fine art student not Carman.

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