clay portrait workshop

27 09 2008

Since 04 Sep 2008, Thow Kwong Clay Artists attended the clay portrait workshop at Toa Payoh West Community Club every Thursday evening. The class was specially designed for us and the instructor was Mr Tay S S from NAFA. It all started because Tuan Yong who was also teaching at the CC wanted to make clay figuring. He was looking for 4 to 5 people to start the class. At the end, Tuan Yong, Mrs Tan (Yulianti Oey), Siew Kuan, Hua Hoong, myself and Wong – a NAFA adult learner who had done clay figuring before – continued with the course while another gentleman who worked at Philips had since withdrawn from the course. Carol came one night to trim her clay plates and she also helped us with some pictures.

Session one was to get the proportion of the head. For session two and three, we built up the facial profile and added the features such as eyes, nose, ears, lips and eyebrows. There are a total of six sessions for this course.

Attending the class at night is another way to force me to leave the office early; otherwise it is very common for me to leave the office after 9pm. Office is getting increasingly stressful lately with more portfolio added to my already heavy workload, I find this clay portrait workshop therapeutic and refreshing.

session 3 - adding the features session 4 - adding hair




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27 09 2008

oh my! this is so beautiful!

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